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5 Tips to Get Adjusted to the Start of the School Year

For many in the US, school is back in session. As parents, we all have to work to get back in to the routine of doing everything from buying extra snacks at the grocery store to making sure our little one’s get in bed on time.

It is much easier to remain happy when there is some sense of organization. We polled parents to see what elements they add in to the school year routine that they may not have in their summer routine. Here is what our parent panel had to say:

  1. Develop a meal plan at home. One of the biggest time wasters for many is deciding what needs to be cooked for dinner each night.  Some of our moms have a hand written calendar that they use to write in their meal plan and some are using their smart phone to keep up with what meals they would like to prepare.
  2. Keep all school supplies in one location. Now that the kids are back in school, they are more apt to need a glue stick or markers in the evening.  Make it a habit to keep all school supplies in one place. One of our moms suggested getting the Tupperware boxes to store and stack school supplies in a designated area.
  3. Stick to the same bedtime routine. Our little ones need enough sleep to be successful during their school day.  Be sure to tone the house down around bed time. If your routine is to read a bedtime story before bed, be sure to do that every night.  Kids benefit from a structured schedule.
  4. Add in elements of fun. School can be fun for some kids and challenging for others.  Be sure that you are looking at small burst of fun activities to add in on a regular basis. Many communities have free movies in the park, fall festivals, and great parks to play in.  Take advantage of what your community has to offer.
  5. Talk to your kids. Ask you kids how there school day was and what they enjoyed about their day. Put down the technology and really engage your kids about what was important to them about their day.  These 5 minutes can give your great insight as to how your child is adjusting at school.

Enjoy this time with your kiddos! It truly does go by very fast.

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