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What makes you happy?

baby shadesThere have been countless studies on different elements within life that are more likely than not to make people happy. Some find happiness in being around family, others through financial success, and some find happiness in just being alone. What many have come to realize is that it is different for each person. So, we are asking people the not so simple question of ‘What makes you happy?’What do you do to infuse a little extra happiness in your day?

For some, this may force deep thought and for others this answer may come easy. We feel that in order to find true happiness, you must first define what that means to you. Here at The Button Book, we love to hear the sound of babies laughing. In our opinion, it is the best sound on Earth. There are some great honorable mentions for best sound on Earth, but we will stick with that of a baby laughing as number 1.

Here on our blog, we hope to provide you with ways to better define what makes you happy. It is our hope that our tips (along with our app) will brighten your day just a little more. You will also find parenting information, great recipes, and you may even want to take part in our upcoming book club. Look to this blog as a place for positive information that will help to infuse that added dose of happiness into your day.

Cheers to your very own Happiness Infusion!


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